A space for thoughts and stories on photography and society.

Diskusi Kesadaran Jalanan Bersama Erik Prasetya

Pada tanggal 31 Oktober 2020, dua mentor Arkademy, Rara Sekar dan Ben Laksana berkesempatan untuk menjadi penanggap diskusi…

Social Photo: Race

‘A photograph is just a beginning’ A photograph is just a beginning. Kalimat ini terus terngiang di kepala…

Edukasi Fotografi dari SkolMus

Pameran foto bekerja dengan komunitas Lakoat.Kujawas. SkolMus merupakan kepanjangan dari sekolah multimedia untuk semua. Dibentuk karena keterbatasan warga…

Wawancara Arkademy dengan SkolMus

Merespons tulisan SkolMus tentang pendidikan fotografi, pada 13 Juni 2020, Ben Laksana, Rara Sekar dan Kurniadi Widodo (Wid)…

About us

Arkademy is a photography collective with focus on critical and reflective photography education through an interdisciplinary approach. Members of our collective come from various professional backgrounds: documentary photographer, educator, researcher, and curator. We are interested in exploring social phenomena through the photographic medium, the role and influence of photography in society, as well as the relationship between image and life, photographers and their subjects. Members of our collective are based in three cities: Jakarta, Bogor and Yogyakarta.

What we do

Arkademy’s main activities revolve around educational programs particularly collaborative photography workshops with local communities across Indonesia. Arkademy has also engaged in partnerships with various organizations — carrying out thematic photography workshops, educational programs, and exhibitions on photography and society, as well as public discussions and portfolio reviews. Since 2018 until early 2020, Arkademy has carried out 14 workshops in 10 cities across Indonesia and one photography exhibition in Jakarta. In 2020, Arkademy launched a rubric called WICARA, a critical, reflective, and interdisciplinary space for thoughts and stories on photography and society.


Arkademy Mentors

Holding different professional backgrounds and specific skill sets, our mentors embody a multi-disciplinary approach to photography.

Past Workshops

Below is an archive of some of the results of past Arkademy workshops: RANA, WACANA, KELANA and thematic KELANA.

Workshop reviews from our alumni:

  • “Some of the most important lessons that I gained [from the workshop] are to really listen, look deep into myself, and especially try to understand my personal anxieties in perceiving the world, and that in essence, the finest body of work is one that represents the voice of the artist.”

    Galang Anugrah

    RANA Malang Alumnus
  • “Not your ordinary photography workshop. Arkademy really made me think critically about the stories behind my works. It also made me reflect on those stories and how they relate to my personal life. Enlightening!”

    Sylvie Tanaga

    RANA Jakarta Alumus
  • “If you are looking for an extraordinary photography workshop, then Arkademy is the place! [Before the workshop] we were flooded by visuals, but lacking in knowledge and responsibility. Thank you to all the mentors.”

    Jumardan Muhammad

    KELANA TIM Alumnus
  • “A new perspective on photography. In the past, I’ve only learnt about the techniques and aesthetics of photography, but the way I see photography has changed by 180 degrees. I’ve gained new knowledge and interesting insights on another side of photography. Thank you Arkademy.”

    Nizar Muhammad

    WACANA Jogja Alumnus
  • “RANA has become the first photography workshop that is very memorable to me. In this workshop, there was less emphasis on what gears you own, the size of the sensor, aperture, or shutter speed, and editing was not merely about changing tones and colours. Here I learned how photography could be as a democratized language, how to sequence visual narratives, and how to understand unique personalities from people’s worldviews. Most importantly, I learned that creating a body of work is about being yourself.”

    Albert Ghana

    RANA Bogor Alumnus
  • “The learning process was very critical, participatory, and involving participants from various backgrounds: from professional photographers to amateurs like me who can’t even take a single photo; from academics to journalists. A critical and interdisciplinary interpretation to photography is needed to build our photography ecosystem so that people do not only focus on the technical aspects of photo production, but also start thinking on the consumption aspect of photography and how it influences social change. That is why, projects like this must be replicated, contextually.”

    Ragil Cahya Maulana

    WACANA Surabaya Alumnus

Contact us

E-mail: arkademyproject@gmail.com

Instagram: @arkademyproject