We focus on critical and reflective photography education with a multi-disciplinary approach. As part of our educational programs, we conduct photography workshops, photo exhibitions and other public events.

We mostly conduct photography workshops in partnership with local communities from different cities around Indonesia. We also work together with non-profit, media and other organizations in conducting thematic photography workshops. Since 2018 until early 2020, Arkademy has conducted 14 workshops in 10 cities across Indonesia.

Arkademy is open for collaboration as editors, curators, and organizers of photo exhibitions to showcase bodies of work from past workshops.  Arkademy’s first photo exhibition was conducted in partnership with WRI Indonesia, “Stories of People and Their Land”, which was held on 2-8 October in Salihara Gallery, Jakarta.

Other types of events that have been or will be conducted by Arkademy aside from workshops and photo exhibitions include public discussions, portfolio reviews and annual alumni gatherings.