RANA (Reflective and Narrative)

RANA is a 2-day photography workshop designed for photographers with existing photo story portfolios who are keen to develop their visual narrative skills by learning more about research for photography, critical and reflective framework in photography and a collective editing approach to photo story, guided by Arkademy mentors.

KELANA (Wandering Class)

KELANA is a 5-day photography workshop (conducted over the course of 2 weekends) designed for photography enthusiasts who are keen to create a photo story revolving around a particular place while being guided by Arkademy mentors. In KELANA, participants will be provided with materials on research and critical photography, reference study and the history of photography as well as visual narrative editing methods. The outcome of KELANA is a photo story by each participant which will be presented during the project night at the end of the workshop.

WACANA (Visual Analysis and Interpretation Workshop)

WACANA is a 2-day workshop that focuses on methods on how to read photos. This workshop is designed for photography enthusiasts and anyone who is interested in analyzing and interpreting photos using an aesthetic approach, visual literacy, history of photography as well as sociological-anthropological frameworks.

PELITA (Introduction to Visual Literacy)

PELITA is a 1-day workshop designed for anyone who is interested in reading and analyzing photos using a visual literacy approach that is equipped with a reference study based on the history of photography.

PENA (Narrative Writing Workshop)

PENA is a 2-day workshop that aims to practice narrative writing skills to create texts that accompany the visual narrative of participants’ photo stories. This workshop is designed for anyone who is interested in exploring literary approaches to enrich their visual narratives.

Thematic KELANA

We are open to conduct KELANA workshops with specific themes in collaboration with other organizations or communities. A few examples of past collaborations include KELANA TIM (in partnership with Taman Ismail Marzuki) to respond to the revitalization plan of TIM and KELANA “On Land”, in partnership with WRI Indonesia, to explore the complexities of land issues in areas with the highest number of land conflicts in Indonesia.

Upcoming Workshops (coming soon)