RANA Bogor

Bogor, 13-14 April 2019

Holy Prison

By Reza Saifullah

In my opinion pesantren is one of the best places for education, for three years I lived in an Islamic boarding school without my parents. The pesantren has provided me with many lessons in life and has in many ways changed me. With its very independent and spiritualistic process that has succeeded in shaping the characters of every child of those learning at the pesantren. Thus, this photo story tries to give glimpse of what life is like within a pesantren, the life of a pesantren in a nutshell that I consider to be the best place for education.

Hijab Girls

By Dwinda Nur Oceania

More and more Muslim women wear the hijab in Indonesia. However, with more and more people donning the hijab, the hijab has inadvertently become a norm within society, it has become a benchmark for faith, beauty, and politeness. But if you look back, not all similar reasons when deciding to wear the hijab. There are those who have just started wearing, and some have decided to remove the hijab, but both still get stigmatized. It should be understood that basically wearing a hijab is a choice that comes from within oneself.

Love Always

By Tandika Cendrawan

My inability to record my parents’ past encouraged me to record their present and future. Love that has not changed just different physical forms. Where, the value of a relationship is etched in tandem with the passing time.

The Odyssey

By Gregorius Jasson

Achieving inner healing is not easy feat, especially after I had a toxic relationship for 3 years. The shadows of trauma and disappointment after the relationship still haunts me like a seasonal tidal wave, occasionally drowning me in the old song of the cycle of disappointment. But I don’t want to stop trying to recover. Through a series of photo stories that I took during 2017-2019, inspired by the same title from the visualization of the album owned by Florence + The Machine, I want to share my inner journey of reflection.