RANA Malang

Malang, 2-3 June 2018
In partnership with @walkingalam

Where do we go from here?

By Galang Anugrah

At its essence every forms of life is impermanent, thus death is a necessity that must one day be faced by everyone. If we live only temporarily in this world, then the question arises, where will we go after all this?

The imagination of another world – a picture of the resurrection of mankind, collected and herded towards the final judgment – is a series of images that I have taken inspired by religious interpretations of life that comes after this. Even though those answers have been found, it still has made me unable to predict with enough certainty where I would go after I am no longer in this world.


By Agung Achmad

You are fat. You are thin. You are tall. You are short. You have straight hair. You have curly

hair. You legs are short. Your hip is wide. You have small breasts. You have acnes. Your skin is fair. Your skin is dark. You are Asian. You are Caucasian. You are biracial. You are man. You are woman. You’re masculine. You’re feminine. Tons of unique traits and yet society keep gives you label for being “you”. And you know what? Fuck that. You are who you are. Your unique traits are what make you unique. Don’t let them drag you down. You should be proud of it. Embrace!

Qiblah of Longing

By Tika Kartika

Missing often forces our steps to keep on going. It also does so without rest disturbing the peace of mind making our hearts and our minds agitated and uneasy. Nor did he miss giving up seducing reason. As if forgetting to be tired, longing for empty callings, asking, whining, struggling

: come here!

Longing always ignite the spirit so that it never goes out, it is said that it must continue to burn. It was transformed into a child, a delicious meal, and the shadow of tranquility, comfort and beauty were waving endlessly.

But the nerves, thanks to the control of the brain, restrain all movements that are completely controlled by feeling for a moment stunned and whispered softly

: to whom?

Again, this time his voice caressed: over what?