Open Submission for WICARA

WICARA is a space for discussions and stories on photography and society. In this column, we invite photography enthusiasts (coming from different professional backgrounds and disciplines) to contribute essays or photo stories.

Below are the terms and conditions for submissions to WICARA:

  1. This space is an open and safe space for knowledge production on photography and society that puts forward a critical, reflective and multi-disciplinary approach.
  2. Length of submission approximately around 500-1000 words.
  3. Written in Bahasa Indonesia and/or English.
  4. Submission can be in the form of:
    • Photo book review/review of any book related to photography/review of photography related literature such as text books, literature work, academic journals, etc.
    • Review of photography exhibitions/photo festivals/photo workshops/photo events from different communities coming from different contexts.
    • Opinion piece/notes/reflective piece from photography community on community development, programs, research, challenges and opportunities
    • Stories or field notes on everyday experiences or observations on the relationship between photography with social phenomena around us.
    • Fiction, poetry, prose piece, etc inspired by photography works.
    • Final photo stories, work in progress or field notes on photo stories or the stories behind the creative process (in the form of text and photos).
    • Summary/highlight/notes on research from various disciplines that uses photography as methodology or subject and/or object of research.
    • Think pieces from organizations/institutions who use photography in their research methods, or participatory programs.
    • Think pieces on photography as archive, and how photography contributes to archiving projects including contemporary archiving projects.
    • Short or long interviews (Q&A format, or other formats) with photographers, photography enthusiasts, artists, editors, curators, historians, researchers/academics in the field of photography, archivists, etc.
    • Other forms of writings that aim to create space for discussions and stories on photography and society.
  5. Submissions will be reviewed by the WICARA editorial team, which consists of Arkademy mentors.
  6. Submissions should be sent via email to with the email title: SUBMISI WICARA.
  7. Selected submissions for WICARA are personal opinions from the authors and do not reflect Arkademy’s views as a collective.